"Bringing community together.....Our coffee is your destination."

Bringing Community Together

The Roundhouse Café is dedicated in educating the public of their superior, locally roasted organic coffee beans.  The beans are carefully selected in order to provide you with their signature blend and win your palate for a delicious quality product. 

We invite the community to come together, relax and enjoy the comfortable setting overlooking Rutledge park while enjoying the south facing patio. With the growing demand for high-quality gourmet coffee, and great service; Roundhouse Café is focused on offering a much needed service to the growing community of Saanich. 

Roundhouse Café is looking forward to becoming an active supporter within the community, and is pleased to offer their customers fresh prepared coffee; complimented with quality pastries, with freshly made soups, sandwiches, wraps and much more.  

The Perfect Cup

Roundhouse Café did not want a sub standard coffee and the search for our perfect signature blend was made possible thanks to the discovery of the Fresh Cup Roastery.
Try our Costa Rican blend that comes from the famed Tarrazu Region, hand picked Arabica coffee cherries that are grown in a rich volcanic soil that ripen
​evenly. The results are a rich flavorful dark coffee that gives you a burst of unparalleled aroma, full body with chocolate overtones.

Originating from the Indonesian Island, our Sumatra blend has a smooth bold flavor, low in acidity. These coffee plants grow along the fruit trees and assorted spice plants giving them their earthy herbal nuances for that perfect cup.

Roundhouse Café

  Roundhouse Café


Your Neighborhood Fix at the Roundhouse Cafe in Victoria

Certified Organic Beans

Roundhouse Café assures you that no pesticides or chemical fertilizers were used in the growing process.  All of the beans are certified organic by a third party agency (OCIA or SKAAL) The beans selected for the roasting process come from the highest quality Arabica crops from around the world.  The organic beans used in the process are grown at higher altitudes which give them a SHH classification (strictly hard bean).  Beans that are grown at a higher altitude respond extremely well when roasted to darker levels. 

Shade-grown organic beans grow slowly under the canopy of neighbouring trees allowing them to mature naturally. When the beans are ready to harvest; coffee pickers go over each coffee plant many times before the harvest is complete to ensure the beans are picked only when ripe and not before.

Introducing our Roundhouse Fusion Blend  

Our signature house blend is a symphony of  flavor with an infusion of beans selected from the Island of Indonesia, Guatemala, and El Salvador.  This full bodied blended roast results in a smooth java mocha flavor with a hint of spice and sweetness to give you a well rounded dark roast that will stimulate your senses.

​"Bringing community together....Our coffee is your destination"