Specialty Coffees

Roundhouse coffee is made with our signature blend. Freshly ground, locally air roasted espresso beans from  Fresh Cup. 

  • Latte - (espresso with steamed milk)
  • Cappuccino - (espresso, layered with a thick milk thick foam)
  • Mocha - (espresso, chocolate, steamed milk) 
  • Espresso - (double espresso)
  • Espresso Freddo - (espresso frothed served over ice)
  • Americano - (espresso with hot water) 
  • Shot in the dark - (drip coffee with a double espresso added)
  • Macchiato - (espresso stained with milk)
  • Affogato - (espresso poured over a scoop of vanilla gelato) - summer
  • Freshly brewed coffee – medium (el-salvador) and dark roast (jakarta)


Soup, Sandwiches, Wraps, Samosa's

What's eating you? Come on in and explore your options

  • Bacon Egger - fresh eggs, bacon, aged cheddar
  • Vegi egg croissant - spinach, egg, tomato, artichokes, pesto aioli, havarti
  • Variety of Wraps and Sandwiches  including - Mediterranean Wrap,                Turkey Bacon Club, Breakfast Burrito, Tuna Wrap, Grilled Cheddar                 Cheese, Ham/Swiss Croissant, Vegan Burrito, Pulled Pork Express,               Vegan Salad Roll with sweet chili / peanut sauce
  • The Big Salad (carrots, artisan greens, cucumber, roma tomatoes, chick        peas, shredded cabage) topped with sunflower seeds/cranberry mix
  • All Dreased Bagel and cream cheese, (selection may vary) 
  • Spreads (cream cheese, assorted jams, peanut butter, honey)
  • Vegetarian / Beef Chili - (seasonal)
  • Soups - (seasonal - daily selections will vary)
  • Curry butter chicken wraps, Jamaican beef and vegi samosa's
  • Gluten free options - (depending on availability) 

Sweet and Savory

Looking for something sweet, try our selection of baking products supplied fresh daily from (Portafino Bakery, Cake Etc., QV Bakery)

  • Muffins and Scones - a fresh variety daily
  • Cookies (tripple chocolate chunk, ginger snap, peanut butter, vegan               works, buster bar
  • Gluten Free Bars - peanut butter crunch, almond raspberry, coconut               slice, nanaimo bar
  • Carrot Cake served with a delicious cream cheese icing
  • Brownies (rich chocolate base with a creamy chocolate icing)
  • ​Croissants,  add your choice of spreads
  • Loafs, Date Squares- Banana, Lemon, Carrot Sunflower (selections may       vary) 
  • Our baking goods are brought in fresh daily from our local bakeries on          the Island with a choice of  gluten free products - vegan options will vary        depending availability


Your Neighborhood Fix at the Roundhouse Cafe in Victoria

"Bringing community together.....Our coffee is your destination."

Roundhouse Café

Fine Teas and Assorted Hot Drinks

We offer a creative selection of hot beverages and organic teas

  • Organic and Herbal - (decaf options available)
  • Earl Grey, Organic Breakfast, Bombay Chai, White Orchard, African               Nector, Organic Green Hojicha, Mint Marakesh
  • Matcha Latte - sweeten or unsweeten
  • Midtown Fog - earl grey tea (vanilla and steamed milk)
  • Chai Tea Latte - ( a sprinkle of cinnamon, nutmeg)
  • Hot Chocolate - (try it with our signature spice (seasonal)
  • Steamers - (a variety to choose from)
  • Hot Apple Cider 
  • Soya, Coconut and Almond milk options available

Soft Drinks and More

Try our variety of refreshing cold drinks to satisfy your thirst

  • San Pellegrino Sparkling Soda - blood orange and pomogranite
  • Italian Sodas - a combination of flavors to choose from
  • Juice - Orange and Apple  
  • Sparkling bottled water - summer time
  • Coca-Cola - original and diet
  • V8 Juice
  • Dr. Smoothie - 100% fruit puree (tropical sunshine, mango tropic,                   strawberry, peach pear apricot, northwest berry)